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Account Recovery Options

If you are unable to login there might be several possible reasons. Here are the most common ones.
I have forgot my Enkord Account password.
We will help you to create a new password for your Enkord Account. In order to do so, you have to complete a small check, to prove that account is really belongs to you.
Reset Password
I have forgot my Enkord Account login name (email).
If you have mobile phone attached to your account and you have forgot your account login name, you can use this button to recover it by phone. (If you don't have mobile phone attached to the account, you have to contact support service)
Request SMS with Enkord Account login name
My account is locked.
If you have received message that your account was locked, you have to unlock your account and update your password. Usually such messages are sent when someone else trying to access your account, but sometimes it happens when you are trying to access your account from somewhere else.
Unlock Account
I think my account was hacked/stolen.
How to figure that out? There might be following signs:

- My password was working perfectly up until now.
- My account is locked but I don't know why.
- I have changed password recently but it does not work.

Sounds familiar? Then go ahead and click this button to proceed to the account restoration. We will assist you to recover your account back as soon as possible.
Recover Account