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Account Unlock Options

If your account was locked, you cannot access it until you will answer the secret question you have entered on account registration.
I know the answer to secret question.
If you know the answer, all you need is to login normally and enter the answer when prompted. Don't forget to change the password afterwards if the account was locked all of a sudden - chances are someone else got the access to your account.
I have forgot my secret answer, but I have mobile phone attached.
If forgot your secret answer, but you have mobile phone attached to your account, you can use this button to change it by phone.
Change Secret Question using SMS
I have forgot my secret answer and I don't have mobile phone attached.
When you lost control of your account, in case you forgot secret answer and haven't attached mobile phone to it, you have to submit manual recovery request to us providing your personal ID documents matching your name entered during account creation.
Support Request with ID Verification
I cannot recover account because real name associated with my account is wrong but I have mobile phone attached.
If you name have entered invalid real name during registration like gibberish, or you have changed your name in real life, you can request name change it in the account here. You have to write explanation why would you need the name change. For security reasons we will approve the name change only it your justification is reasonable. I.e. if you have changed your name in real life, you will have to attach documents that proove that. (If you have entered wrong real name and don't have phone attached, unfortunately you will not be able to recover it, because we will be unable to verify you are the true account owner).
Real Name Change with SMS Verification
I don't have mobile phone linked to my account and I have entered random name during account creation.
If you don't have mobile phone attached and you haven't entered your real name during account creation, there is no way we can verify you are the real owner of specific account. Unfortunately recovery is not available in this case. You can only start the game from scratch by creating a new account. Please, pay serious attention to registration details this time.
Register New Account