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Question Ranking question

My results on 10/08/10

Total Population: 1093
Buildings Constructed: 448
World Explored: 99%
Gems Collected: 1001/1001
Quests Completed: 226/227
Time: 26 hours, 46 minutes
Game Rank: 68%

I think I missed the SW idol on the Cradle of the North (but I can't check, grrrrrr).
Can anyone explain how the ranking works?
Is time ticking also when you are on the map (making a cup of coffee) or only on the islands?
Because the game I finished before, took me 38 hours something, missed 2 quests, and explored also 99% and I had ranking 66%.

Furthermore, some of you have double the population.
Is population part of the equation for the ranking?
In other words, what do you need to do to get 100% ranking?
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