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Default I have found 18 relics

I've been playing Jewel of Atlantis for two weeks. I can never find the last relic!

From the Arcade mode I get 8 relics:

Was uncovered by earning Emperor rank for all arcade mode

Ring of the Future: "Jewels" levels
Silver Cross: "Blocks" levels
Ring of the Past: "Cells" levels
Purple Heart: "Mixed" Levels

Hint: you need to use the space bar to get the time!

Was uncovered by completing all levels in arcade mode :

Golden Oyster: "Jewels"
Silver Necklace:"Blocks"
Lunar Eclipse Ear-rings: "Jewels"
Enchased Egg: "Mixed"

In Quest Mode I get 10 relics:

"Meteor Brooch": Was found to the West of an Old Keep in Southern Planes.
"Ring of Lava": Was found to the North of Great Wall ruins in Volcanic Area.
"Amulet of the Sun":Was found near creater of the Sunken Volcano.
"Brooch of Fortune": Was found to the West of mystic Ruins in Southern Planes.
"Amulet of Stars": Was hidden benearth montain ridge in Southern Planes.
"Amulet of the Moon": Was found in South-East quarter of the City of Lost Souls.
"Aquatic Flower" : Was found South -West of the Sacred Temple in Southern Planes.
" Ankh Ear-rings": Was found under Ship Graveryard in the City of Lost Souls.
"Grail of Atlantis": Was uncovered by completing all levels in quest mode.
"Jewel of Atlantis": Ultimate treasure of Atlantis. They say it has ability to fulfill wishes of it's possessor. Was found at the top of the City of Lost Souls.

I complete the Quest mode in Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty mode. But I can't get the "Crown of Atlantis" Where is hidden?
Please help me to obtain it!
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