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Last screenshots of Totem Tribe GOLD before release

Posted 05-16-2010 at 11:32 AM by berserker

Here is the last pack of screenshots of the upcoming Totem Tribe GOLD game. After publishing them we will not show you more until finished game will be ready for public.

Visit forum to see those screenshots here.
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  1. Old
    berserker, it seems that you are the one replying to the posts here. I have been quietly watching this site since you first mentioned the development of TTG and now I have registered today just so that I can post a comment/question to you. The way that you and your company have teased and taunted your loyal (and exceptionally patient) fans over the release of TTG is appalling. Is there really a new game anywhere in our futures or is this tease/taunt/promise/tanatalise/fail to deliver the game in itself - one that you are playing with the rest of us! Does world domination feature heavily in your fantasies? Either provide a release date or have the integrity to tell people clearly that there will be no release before ... and specify a time span that your company can actually fulfill. Yes TT was brilliant and everyone is expecting TTG to be even better but you need to relate to people in a more open and honest fashion instead of treating your fans - the ones whose money you depend on for your own survival - much better. Frankly, if you treat people in the real world in the way that you treat people in this virtual world, I'll be surprised if even your own mother still talks to you!!
    Posted 07-20-2010 at 03:11 PM by freelance52 freelance52 is offline
  2. Old
    Wow, I was thinking along those same lines...very well put. Only advantage I can see to this kind of marketing strategy (if that's what it is) is that there are a lot more people looking at the web site hence buying other games while they wait.
    Posted 07-20-2010 at 06:08 PM by ORteddybear ORteddybear is offline
    Updated 07-20-2010 at 06:26 PM by ORteddybear
  3. Old
    jeresandy's Avatar
    I am a moderator on another site, Sandlot games. The same kind of comments get posted about upcoming games. I want a game that has no problems. Nothing is worse then a game released with bugs, then your really mad. Enkord will put out Gold when they feel confident in the game play. Keep up the good work!
    Posted 07-21-2010 at 02:22 AM by jeresandy jeresandy is offline
  4. Old
    berserker's Avatar
    Don't worry guys and ladies, it is coming... We are about to put up a public beta within few days so all who are eager to try it even with possible minor bugs - this is your last change to sign up for beta test here:

    Thanks to everyone for understanding
    Posted 07-21-2010 at 02:52 PM by berserker berserker is offline
  5. Old
    does everyone that signs up for beta get picked or is it a notification that we can buy it now?
    Posted 07-21-2010 at 04:05 PM by unducky unducky is offline
  6. Old
    berserker's Avatar
    We will notify people who signed as beta tester about demo version that is available for beta-testing. once you play it you will fill up online survey about your experience. That beta is a small fix for those who simply cant wait. Others should wait for an official release.
    Posted 07-21-2010 at 06:20 PM by berserker berserker is offline
  7. Old

    New release

    I have been silently monitoring the progress of Totem Tribe Gold since the first announcement of the sequel. Let me say that for all of those anxious gamers who feel they're being teased and tantalized by the continued delay of the release date, chill. These delays are normal if the design team is doing their job. For each delay I can assure you they're making this game bigger and better then the original layout. So by the time we get to play it there will be no quirks. If it's anything like the original it will be worth the wait. So back off of our developers and let them do what they do best or they're going to give you a release date of 2011.
    Posted 07-21-2010 at 07:28 PM by ohlala ohlala is offline
  8. Old
    Once again Berserker, thank you for your communication. I can understand the delays in releasing the game, but the feedback is much appreciated.
    Posted 07-22-2010 at 10:07 AM by Arw73 Arw73 is offline
  9. Old
    Yippeeeeee I just got my trial version....can't wait for my house guests to leave so I can play...........yahooooo!
    Posted 07-22-2010 at 06:38 PM by Cherylb Cherylb is offline
  10. Old
    i received too the beta version i can't wait to play it thanks so much !!!
    Posted 07-22-2010 at 07:31 PM by corrynna corrynna is offline
  11. Old
    How long will I be able to play the beta version....Is it only an hour or will I be able to play for a little while (hope it's a little while). Your notification did not indicate how long?
    Posted 07-23-2010 at 03:49 PM by Cherylb Cherylb is offline
  12. Old
    It's an hour.
    Posted 07-23-2010 at 04:52 PM by Scarpetta Scarpetta is offline
  13. Old
    Gillian16098's Avatar
    i cant wait
    Posted 11-12-2010 at 09:25 AM by Gillian16098 Gillian16098 is offline

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