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Enkord Cash Club

In order to stimulate recurring donations, we now offer a special club membership for regular customers called Enkord Cash Club. In order to join the Club, all you need to do is charge at least

20000 Enkord Cash within a month (30-day period). Once you are a member of the Club, your account will receive bonuses for all subsequent donations made within that month. A bonus will apply to all future donations until the end of the month, which begins with your first transaction.

Keep in mind that a month in Enkord Cash Club does not match a calendar month. It is a 30-day period that starts with your first transaction.

The Club bonus is a percentage of your donated Enkord Cash during the 30 days. The first month's donations will earn you 10% bonuses. Each subsequent consecutive month in which you donate a minimum of
20000 Enkord Cash, your bonus will increase. So the second month of consecutive Club membership will earn you 20%, third will earn 30% and so on until the maximum limit of 50% is reached.

If you skip a month your accumulated bonuses will be lost and you will start over again from a 10% bonus.

Enkord Cash Club bonuses are awarded partially with Enkord Cash and partially with random items from the Cash Shop worth the equivalent amount of Enkord Cash.

Keep in mind that
20000 Enkord Cash which qualifies as Club membership will be based on the actual money charged, and will not include bonus money volume or any other special offers.

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