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Totem Tribe

Downloadable game

High adventure, real time strategy and hidden object gameplay come together for the first time in Totem Tribe.

Restore balance to a dying world and find enough treasure to last a lifetime!

- 23 locations to explore
- over 120 quests and puzzles
- toughest enemies to battle
- 3 possible endings of Aruku's story


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Order details

Only $19.95
(Instant key delivery!)
Order Totem Tribe NOW and receive:

- 23 locations to explore
- over 120 quests and puzzles
- toughest enemies to battle
- 3 possible endings of Aruku's story
- No nag screen
- Unlimited play time
- Support via e-mail
System requirements

Processor: 800 MHz or above
RAM: 256 MB
Video: 32 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista with DirectX 8 installed


This game is available in:

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Comments / reviews

James says:
I must admit this game is simply AMAZING! I am so bored with all those hidden object and time-management games and Totem Tribe delivers unbelieveably fresh fun!!!
KathySparkle says:
this game is the best! i like how you can build stuff and guide your cute little villagers! so cute! plz plz make more of this!

grammarlady says:
This is such a great, engrossing, addictive game! How will you ever top it?

Nice work, Enkord.
ceiligirl says:
I don't know that this game CAN ever be topped - this is by far the best download game I have ever played! Thanks for such a great time!
orthonurse63 says:
Awesome game.. give us more please!
barbara says:
This is -so far- the best game I ever played! The biggest of compliments to it's creators. I'm really wondering if it's possible to create a game better then this. Very addictive though, my entire life is revolving around this game now. I'm tipping this game to friends with the warning that they have to be carefull with this one, if you're having exams or other things i wouldn't start it.
cheriug says:
I can't find all the gems and it's driving me crazy. I have restarted the game 3 times.
Can anyone help
berserker says:
Go to our forums, there is a gem utility that will help you find out where have you missed some gems.
Domz2009 says:
So far, this is the great game I encounter... challenging, and have sort of mysteries in every level...

Hope you develop more games like this... Keep it up!:)
kgslady says:
i totally love this game hope you are planning a sequel to it would buy that too
Bina says:
I love the game , I play over and over , only hate the gems:rolleyes: . could not found all them ...but still love the game .:)
spiffy says:
Best game I have played, even if I did get frustrated at times! I guess we'll have Totem Tribe 2 by 2011.
grpowell says:
Is there anybody else that can't find all 10 roots on witch island? I colored the backgrounds red, so that i could see them, and I still can't find the last one.
praleuver says:
Can anyone tell me how to destroy my own buildings. I need to clear some space on an Island to build a different structure. Thanks!
berserker says:
click on "Build" button and there will be hut icon with red cross over it. click that button and point on building you want to destory.
saphiregold says:
Absolutely love this game :D I'm so sick of the games where you click on 3 things or hidden object games that bore you to tears after a while :(
Totem is great for getting the grey cells working :confused: it's building, searching and fighting all in one game, real value for money You really have to make more sequels Totem is one of the very few really good games I have ever played ;)
Boogienites says:
After playing this game, all others are boring. I check new games every day, but don't even bother because they are all the same with different names. Totem Tribe is absolutely the best download game I've ever played. Please .. MORE!!!
jax43 says:
Really loved this game, kept me going for weeks on end. Definately better than all other games I`ve played. Can`t wait for follow up to be released, definately buying it.
ZuluDawn says:
Totem Tribe is so fun, puzzling and gripping all at the same time. :eek:
Play is well paced - there's a time for building, time for searching and then there's action time to fight off attacks by very cute 'monsters' - who may just surprise attack whilst you are getting your armory ready!
The artwork of buildings and the little people is exceptional and I congratulate Enkord for this magnificent game. Its highly addictive and leaves you wanting more! A gem of a game.:) I can't wait for Totem Tribe GOLD!!
I am in the older age group and recommend this game to clear the cobwebs and excite the mind.
windy4jc60 says:
i love this game how do you get to moon island? i cant get there and cant find all the gems ive tried. any sugestions?:confused:
berserker says:
Windy, please look at our forums. There are plenty of information about Totem Tribe including your question.
COUGARL1 says:
This game is fantastic, you really should build more games with this type format. When can we expect more games like this one. What is the deal with Totem Tribe Gold? Had heard that it was in development.
Kittykills08 says:
I don't have passtimes, but Totem Tribe is an exception. When I sit down and play it, I am completely sucked in for good. The villagers are beyond adorable (!) and it is truly great. Thanks, Enkord!
Oh . . . and, I am stuck on the Island of Worship. Don't hate me! But is there anyone who might be able to help? To be specific, my job is to find fruits. Is there a map I can view somewhere? I've already gotten the map piece and jewels from the pyramid/temples. And the mask, etc, from the chests. Any advice?:confused:
Elinor says:
Best game ever!
GeorgeTSCL says:
I was going to say that some of the preceding comments would be far more suitably posted in the forum for this game.

And then I actually looked at the forum. It's clogged with adverts for watches!

Is there any way of getting the Enkord administrators to do their admin job and delete the spam, so that the forum becomes usable?
berserker says:
From time to time spammers do attack our forums but we delete it on sight.
GeorgeTSCL says:
The Totem Tribe forum NOW looks eminently worth reading and posting in--where before there WAS a solid page of spam, apparently because no one had yet caught sight of it. (I don't remember seeing even the Sticky, but I was very likely too shocked to notice.)

Thank you, berserker!
Elenagomez says:
Can't wait for Totem Tribe 2 :)
alex aranda says:
Totem Tribe 2 will be available in spanish?
Miklok says:
"@Totem Tribe II: Jotun official website will be deployed next week

Posted by berserker at 06-15-2013 04:10 AM"

when start? 06-26-2013 now

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