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Default Totem Tribe 2 suggestion

Hi, I know you've had lots of suggestions and you can't please everyone. This may already have been suggested somewhere, but just in case, is it possible to have a gem count on each island if you're going to have the same sort of gameplay? I found it very frustrating when I had 97% of the gems and had no idea of which island I had to go back to and after going through them all three times and still not finding those last few gems, I gave up. I know there was the gem utility but unfortunately I had bought the game from another game site (didn't know you existed) and it wouldn't let me put the utility into the game folder as it was restricted.

Anyway, it's just a thought and you may not be doing the same thing with the gems anyway.

I did love the first game though, even though it was a little hard at times with working out some of the puzzles, but will certainly buy TT2 if it comes out.

** Have just started playing TT Gold only to discover that this very request has been done. So thank you, this will make life much easier.

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