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Default Nook HD+ - Can't get last gem on Frozen Vale

On my Nook HD+, I can't get the last gem (white) on Frozen Vale. It appears to be on the W side of a small island in the SE corner of the screen. The gem is under the semi-transparent background of the buttons panel (Scout button etc.), so I can see it, but I can't touch it to get it. I can't zoom the screen enough to uncover it either. Another user reported the same thing on one of the G5 forums. Is there really a gem there, and if so, how do I get it?
Zoom seems to be problem on the Nook HD+, because I also can't make the 2 pixel-shift puzzles on Abandoned City (the ones that give the crook and flail) big enough to be able to reliably touch their buttons.
I need this very last gem so that I can go to the Guardian Moon. Please help!
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