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6 different Victory types.

Posted 05-02-2013 at 07:01 AM by berserker
This time we will tell you how we plan to handle endgame.

Despite the fact that Totem Tribe 2 will be an online multiplayer game, it doesn't mean it will be endless pointless game without ultimate goal like number of those games on Facebook.

We plan to have 6 completely different Victories that player can aspire to. Those endings are Adventure, Culture, Science, Wealth, Expansion, and War Victories. Let me tell about them one by one.

Adventure Victory is basically like you end the game in Totem Tribe 1 - you follow the story until the end, beat the final boss in the end and you are done.

Culture Victory involves focus on building buildings that increase culture of your country and when it's high enough, your country will start luring persons of figure and quests associated with them. Once you will have whole pantheon, you win!

Science Victory requires to research every single unlockable thing in the Technology Tree (and that tree is quite big). You will have to focus on having buildings that increase your research.

Wealth Victory needs you to accumulate huge amounts of resources and spend them building Wonder of the World to show whole world the wealth and glory of your country. To do so, you will need a lot of production facilities, as well as marketplaces and a lot of time spent into trade.

Expansion Victory involves expanding borders of your country and promoting your title from Noble to Duke to Emperror.

And finally War Victory requires to fill Hall of Fame with war trophies.

But when you win the game - it is not over! You can restart it again and some things will remain. For example you will be allowed to keep limited number of items found on your playthrough, your hero stats maximum limit will be increased, and your achievements will stay (In fact some of them require you to beat the game several times in order to get them).

This system will allow the game to both have a clear and distinct goal but also last as long and player wants to play it.

Let us know what do you think about these victory types.
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  1. Old
    I think the post is kind of misleading (or maybe i did not understand). Looks like you could reach more one ending per playthrough if you play carefully and invest in some things to fill the requirements (but i'm almost sure that it would be difficult to actually try this), instead of only getting only one ending. Explain me if i'm wrong.
    Posted 05-02-2013 at 09:21 AM by bugmenot bugmenot is offline
  2. Old
    berserker's Avatar
    No, unlike original Totem Tribe where the game was basically the same and few different endings mainly depended on choice in final level, this time you have to start and work towards one particular ending almost the whole game.

    You can go halfway there towards several types of victories, but it requires 100% devotion to actually achieve one.

    For example in order to achieve Cultural Victory you have to build buildings that increase your cultural level and they are usually peaceful (temples, obelisks, etc.) while in order to achieve War Victory you have to build as much barracks as possible, and barracks decrease your cultural level. Thus if you are moving towards War Victory, you are moving away from Cultural Victory and vice versa.

    That's only a simple example, in reality there will be more variables in the equation, but hopefully you get the idea.
    Posted 05-02-2013 at 09:36 AM by berserker berserker is offline
  3. Old
    it doesn't mean it will be endless pointless game without ultimate goal like number of those games on Facebook.
    Or perhaps lots of grinding through levels.

    Also, bugmenot has a point because the war and expansion sound like they would go hand in hand because you could use war instead of diplomacy to expand.

    I suppose the adventure one would still be achieveable even if you go halfway towards several since you don't want players to be suddendly stuck with no way to actually win the game, eventually.
    Posted 05-02-2013 at 02:07 PM by smjjames smjjames is offline
  4. Old
    berserker's Avatar
    Yes, adventure one will be the easiest to achieve, kinda like a safe bet, but still will require significant effort to reach.

    As for expansion vs war, here expansion is more about building more towns, more buildings in towns and higher population. So we could name it "building victory", but it's not about building for building sake, it's more like building to expand your country, so I think "expansion victory" suits better. On the other hand, war victory is not about expansion, it is about making damage, plunder, destruction of other buildings and towns. Ofcourse you can expand while at war by capturing towns of others, however it is extremely hard and unlikely you will reach expansion victory that way.

    War Victory is the hardest among those six and aimed at hardcore or veteran players, those who seek serious challenge.
    Posted 05-02-2013 at 04:40 PM by berserker berserker is offline
  5. Old
    Silly me, i forgot that you are being given a limited space to build. I am sure that "equation" is obscenely difficult until you see it in action and then it becomes easy to understand.

    About the items one can find in the game, are they fixed (a pre-defined name and effect) or are they random (random name, random effect)? (note that i know that they are given at random).
    Posted 05-02-2013 at 04:46 PM by bugmenot bugmenot is offline
  6. Old
    berserker's Avatar
    It's not about limited space. Limited space was in original game cause there was no resources or other ways to limit player. Here we will have other limits to balance things out.

    As for the items - there will be both. Some items will have pre-defined name and effect, but there will also be items with random properties, therefore finding an item with cool properties might be a good reward you would like to keep onto next playthrough.
    Posted 05-02-2013 at 04:51 PM by berserker berserker is offline
  7. Old
    I meant that you could use war to grab more territory when you want to expand, rather than using diplomacy. Unless I'm thinking more Civilization series and that's not actually how territory expansion works in TT2.

    Of course though, using total war to help expand risks you getting ganged up on by an alliance of players who want to stop you.
    Posted 05-02-2013 at 07:00 PM by smjjames smjjames is offline
    Updated 05-02-2013 at 07:04 PM by smjjames
  8. Old
    sounds like it is complicated. I just hope there is a way to tell which victory you are getting closer to so you know what to work towards.
    Posted 05-02-2013 at 11:44 PM by brendatimj brendatimj is offline
  9. Old
    jeresandy's Avatar
    golly Gee Whiz! Let me at it!
    Posted 05-03-2013 at 05:12 AM by jeresandy jeresandy is offline
  10. Old
    berserker's Avatar
    Definitely there will be proper explanations how to get what.
    Posted 05-03-2013 at 05:47 AM by berserker berserker is offline
  11. Old
    Dilana's Avatar
    Will there be something special for winning the game 6 times with one of each victory type?
    Posted 05-03-2013 at 10:57 AM by Dilana Dilana is offline
  12. Old
    berserker's Avatar
    the types of victories you achieved will be prominently visible in player's profile. Also different victory types will increase the possible maximum limit of hero stats for the next playthrough differently.
    Posted 05-03-2013 at 12:28 PM by berserker berserker is offline
  13. Old
    anneer's Avatar
    Choices, choices, and even more choices - hmmmm which victory to go for first. Is there an advantage to playing the scenarios in a particular order. Is it best to start with adventure followed by expansion, science etc as opposed to starting with say war followed by cultural, adventure etc.
    There is something else that I wanted to ask you. Next year when XP becomes obsolete will the game continue to work on XP & Vista. Cant afford a new computer and would hate not to be able to continue playing with XP :/
    Posted 05-04-2013 at 03:16 PM by anneer anneer is offline
  14. Old
    berserker's Avatar
    Yes, the game will be running on XP for sure.
    Posted 05-04-2013 at 05:06 PM by berserker berserker is offline
  15. Old
    anneer's Avatar
    Do you know what Berserker - you're the best
    Posted 05-04-2013 at 05:37 PM by anneer anneer is offline
  16. Old
    An81angel's Avatar
    Well I will probably start with the "adventure goal" in mind my first time through, since it is said to be the easiest. That way i get a handle on the basics of the game play. And I'm sure that "war goal" will be that last thing i try for, because i want to be the most experienced i can be at the game before i attempt the hardest goal. I like to gradually work up to things, that way i feel more comfortable and confidant that i can succeed at the difficult task i am undertaking.

    I am glad you will explain how to follow each course. Will there also be an experience bar of sorts that shows how far we have come to reaching said goal?

    If we don't make enough progress towards our "end game goal" during a specific amount of normal game progress can we go back to that part and add stuff, or will we have to start over? Meaning: If we are trying far War Goal -- do we need to have X number of battle units trained in each section of game play, along with X number of barrack upgrades in order to qualify for the achievement? and if we fail to do so will we not qualify for the achievement? Can we see what we missed so we can then go back and fix it so we always stay on track of our goal?

    Honestly I don't like achievements that have very limited margin of error. I don't like going through the game with a specific goal in mind and then not reach it because i missed one or two specific things and then not be able to go back to address those missed things right before the end of the game to make sure I am able to achieve the goal i set forth originally.

    Could you maybe give us the option to choose which end game achievement path we want to set for ourselves at the beginning of the game, and then give us prompts that alert us to specific end game tasks that need to be completed for that specific goal we chose? I now that would help me out tremendously. I know there are those that will think that having a predefined path takes the fun out of it, but for me I enjoy having clear guidelines stamped out for me to follow. That way i know I am at least one step closer to reaching my ultimate end game goal.

    For me personally, I know I would stop trying to get achievements if I felt blocked or uncertain of my next move repeatedly. It would start to become a hassle/tedious to try to achieve those goals, instead of a fun extra thing to add to my gaming experience. And I get frustrated easily when i don't succeed. -.-
    Posted 05-04-2013 at 05:50 PM by An81angel An81angel is offline
  17. Old
    berserker's Avatar
    The ending and goals are not planned to be that defined and obliging.

    The way I see these endings and goals is player just starting the game and playing it the way he/she wants to play, trying all kinds of different things and then spending more time on thigs he/she liked the most and then playing that way up until the end.

    Example 1:
    Some player that never played original Totem Tribe before tries the game - he is a strategy game fan and not very interested in solving puzzles and doing quests, then he might want to focus on building his country and taking part into alliance with other players. Eventually he might find that while he enjoys being part of the alliance, he is not enjoying battling others, but on the other hand he enjoys trading for fun and profit. In that case he can 100% focus on making a trade empire out of his country - building a lot of marketplaces, storages, other trade-related buildings, etc. He can become wealthy and help his alliance with resources and on top of that he can pursue Wealth Victory.

    Example 2:
    Another player is a fan of original Totem Tribe, she enjoyed a lot all those puzzles, quests, etc. In this case she will be solving quests and puzzles in TT2 as well, following storyline in the first place and maybe only occasionally trading with other players and defending against attacks. This player will be definitely pursuing Adventure Victory.

    You don't have to choose - you just play and have fun and eventually you will reach the type of Victory you like the most. Those 6 different types are meant to offer something cool to different kind of players, not expecting that players will be trying to reach all types (although some power players might want to do it).
    Posted 05-04-2013 at 07:49 PM by berserker berserker is offline
  18. Old
    An81angel's Avatar
    Sadly that seems to take the replay value right out of it.
    Posted 05-05-2013 at 02:16 AM by An81angel An81angel is offline
  19. Old
    Waiting! I hate waiting. I want to play!
    Posted 05-05-2013 at 02:19 AM by brendatimj brendatimj is offline
  20. Old
    berserker's Avatar
    Don't worry about replay value, if we implement all what is being planned, there will be more than enough.
    Posted 05-05-2013 at 05:33 AM by berserker berserker is offline

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