View Full Version : Totem Tribe My Building Modification :)

03-27-2010, 12:07 AM
Hello Enkord users, I want to share my modifications with you.
If you do not know how to modify the game, here is how you do it:
Step 1: Go to the folder C:\Program Files\Games\Totem Tribe\data\cfg
Step 2: When wanting to modify a file, right click a .xml file and go to open with > notepad.

Here is my modifications for my buildings to be indestructible Save the attachment as building.xml on your desktop, go to the folder C:\Program Files\Games\Totem Tribe\data\cfg, look for building.xml (in the folder cfg, not desktop), make a folder on desktop, name it backup or anything you want, finally put the building.xml (one in cfg folder) in the folder you just made and place building.xml (one on desktop) in the cfg folder and now your buildings will spawn people faster, have more hp, and you will spawn more shaman and workers.
****Note: If you do this during the game play it wont have any affect until you close the game and open it again.
ATTENTION: The files are in sections, put the texts together starting from 1-4

*By the way I never mod the game the first time I play it, I beat the game, mod it, and beat it again.*
*Edit: This can also clear your map from the black. Also here is the full text download instead of the 4 separate parts http://bit.ly/DownloadBuilding