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06-21-2009, 05:04 AM
I ran the gem utility and it said I was missing 1 yellow gem on Skull (plus some on other islands), and I also can't find 1 more bone for that idol which probably fills that last spot in my treasure chest. I have gone over that island so many times I can tell you blind folded where every rock and piece of sand is! I got so fed up that I ran the walk thru on YouTube to find the yellow gem and went through the video twice - no gem, so the third time I went to the location of every gem - nothing! I also can't find that XXXXXXX bone! I know the bones must be random because of how you do your battles (collecting bones is yucky by the way developers), but what I would like to know is if either one of these items is (1) in the water, or (2) invisible while looking at the screen so you have to click on the right pixel thingee to have it pop up? I like the idea of the gem utility because I strongly dislike the finding the gems part of the game. I'd rather take a penalty on my final score than spends hours trying to complete a game where all I need to do is find one or two objects.

I've just about finished with this game because this kind of petty stuff after you have solved the puzzle and completed the quests is so frustrating. I'm making sure I have all I need to complete before I do the Comet, and if I can't get those items on one more try on Skull so long Totem Tribe.


06-22-2009, 11:23 PM
I'm sorry you are so frustrated. The game is not for those who lack perseverance. LOL

To answer your questions:
1) not in the water if you've cleared all the shorelines. I know there are a couple of bones really close to the shore.
2) no right-clicking involved anywhere in the game.

I suggest you start destroying buildings to see if they are sitting on either a gem or a bone.

06-24-2009, 06:50 PM
Well, I FINALLY found the last yellow gem on Skull, Volcano, and Beetle - they were in "plain" view as grains of sand in the transition from sand to whatever. The bone was stuck in a crevice and looked like a light colored rock not a bone. I only got these by constantly clicking everywhere on the screen. So much for the note I read somewhere that said if you "over click" you'll get penalties. WRONG! Oh, I also had to find 2 white gems on Cradle of the North, both of which were sitting in "plain" view on the very edge of the rough escrapment craggy ground if that is a description. I also cheated on a couple using the videos, but after awhile it got be a "you won't get me" attitude and I HAD TO FIND THEM MYSELF. Now if that isn't obssessive/complusive I don't what is!

And for the record the videos on You Tube are not all correct or they have moved some of the gems just in case somebody actually reads this. I know because I went to every place that the video went, side-by-side screens, and there were NO GEMS in some places they said there were, but I did find gems in places that video didn't show!

So cheating really doesn't pay, but hints do. I would just like to know simple things like "switch the black and white balls from one side to the other" or "turn on only blue lights" or something like that so you don't waste hours figuring out what you are supposed to be trying to do. That is not cheating. It is making a statement of intent.

I still would prefer to have some kind of point system with penalties for not completing something like the non-essential items. I guess some would say that finding the gems are essential because they make up the Rainbow Road, but can't a road still be walked with pot holes here and there? You just have to take longer to get around the the holes or something? Ideas folks? Opinions?

I'm still trying to figure out what goes in that last spot on the upper left in my treasure chest. Of course, I destoryed the totems which is good, but I don't like the holes. I think the totem slots should gleam some color or connect to the Tear of Heaven or something not just left blank like you didn't finish something.

All, in all I have really enjoyed this game. I have just reached Guardian Moon so I'm off to find the end of the Rainbow Road.

Oh, the end of Comet Crash site scenario was absolutely the best! :D

I wish more people would use this site to chat!