View Full Version : What am I missing?

06-17-2009, 08:28 PM
After going throughTotem Tribe for the second time, my percentage was still embarrassing, so I'm wondering why I can only complete less than 70% of the world explored? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.:confused:

06-18-2009, 02:46 AM
I'm still on my first try and only at level 20, but when I accidentally discovered on Lonely Iceberg that if I put up towers in lots of places (I knock them down afterwards) then I extend the visible world further into the void and I found a bunch of gems!

So I started doing that on all the islands, until I found out the scouts were going to be running "eau naturale" (bad French for naked) swimming their little hearts out all over the island they are on. The last thing I do on an island after I have made my final gem check is I stick my eye flag out as far into the void as it will go, right up into a corner and along the very edges, and make the little nude dudes jump in and swim :D My guess is that is how you extend your explored world. I've found lots of gems that way too.

On Lonely Iceberg and somewhere else you can't go all the way to the very edges like you can on the other islands so I'm betting that is why you can only get 95% of the world discovered.

Oh, yes. There are also some spaces, like in mountain ranges that they can't swim or climb, but if I can find a place to put a tower to reach back into a corner, I do that and then tear them down. I do the tear down because I don't know if I am going to have to go back to an island at the end or in an expanded version and I don't want a bunch of useless stuff hanging around to hide gems under or something.

I don't use cheats unless I'm helplessly dead in the water, and then only a hint so please don't tell me if I am wasting my time tearing down buildings I don't think I'll need.:)

Oh, and just in case I messed up and forgot to research something, I check before I leave an island. If I haven't done something, then I go ahead and do it just in case it might matter later.