View Full Version : A Wonderful Game

05-21-2009, 11:01 AM
As a long time (and older) gamer :D, I would like to say THANK YOU for making this wonderful and addictive Totem Tribe game.
The artist work is absolutely beautiful, I love the little buildings and the very cute 'monsters'.
I think there are marketing opportunities to make little toys, t-shirts etc out of the little peeps and creatures for Enkord.
There is so much to do in this game that I think its the best value game I have ever bought. I think your support is also fantastic plus the lovely people in the forums are helpful to each other too.
I'm looking forward to Totem Tribe Gold very much.
Thank you to everyone at Enkord who made this game possible and I hope you enjoy much success. I will be buying many more games from Enkord from now on! :)

05-21-2009, 11:07 AM
Thank you ZuluDawn,
Such kind words is always pleasure to hear and will keep us motivated.