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07-22-2011, 04:16 AM
Does anyone know what missing item should be below the sphere of clarity?

Also the one between the travellers boots and the heart of bull.

Thank you

07-22-2011, 04:26 AM
The item below the sphere of clarity is a magnifying glass, which you can use to find the jewels that you have missed on the islands. You get the first part when you collect and place the seven Gems of Power on Tetala Island. If I remember right (and someone can correct me here), you get after you solved the pictures in the abandoned city and open the decorated chest there.

I can't remember what the item is called that lies between the travelling boots and the heart, but you get it on the Guardian Moon.

I hope that this helps! Happy gaming!

Lucy 1997

07-25-2011, 12:01 AM
Thanks Lucy. I got the one on Guardian but didn't know about the part of the magnifying glass. As I cannot do the pixelated pictures, have finished the game without them, hence no magnifying glass. So thank you. :)

07-31-2011, 06:24 AM
The pixelated pictures just take a little patience. The first few times I kept clicking in irritation and they took me ages, but you have to look carefully: one of the pictures is two figures facing each other (presumably the pharoah and his queen); the other has (I believe) four figures worshipping Anubis, who has a dead figure that is swathed in cloth in front of him. The figures worshipping have their arms extended.

Look at the pictures carefully, trying to match the heads of the pharoah and his queen/the arms of the supplicants. The first few minutes are a little frustrating because there's usually no identifiable picture, but once one begins to take form you have something to work with.

Also the four buttons on the bottom and the four buttons on the side move different lines in the picture, so it's sort of like going to the eye doctor (better 1, better 2, better without); each button has eight different positions, so flip through them to try to improve the picture; here you should look for solid colors (i.e., face, torso, loin clothes, etc.).

You also need to be sure that the pictures are aligned correctly--that is, that the worshipping figures are on the left and Anubis is on the right; the pharoah is on the left and his queen is on the right. Also, be careful to get the top and bottom set properly. If you have a basic picture but need to move one line to the top, hit each bottom button once. The same is true for moving the figures to the right.

I hope this helps. They are actually kind of fun once you get the hand of it!