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10-13-2010, 03:38 PM
I feel very sad that i am thinking of uninstalling this despite e-mails to help desk and post in formun requesting help from programmers with pics in abondon city and some hope from the help desk saying that they my be able to help with the problem what I seen of TTG I love but alas I will never see the ending

10-21-2010, 11:02 PM
I think that this problem with these pictures will be so much bad for Enkordīs business...
All people are sad and mad ...
I have many games from Enkord and I plaied TTG 3 times and I could succed in the pictures puzzle, but itīs really boring and dificult. I donīt will play it more. Itīs not a logical challenge...
I prefer the first TT.
Itīs not fair Guro to say that he donīt have time to change this puzzle and that he likes it. People are asking for changes...
Enkordīs people, think about it.

Best regards


10-22-2010, 03:06 AM
Both of the above posts are right. I have tried for hours and still can't get the dragon puzzle solved. The picture puzzle on Oasis took me hours and many trips to the forums to solve it. And the puzzle on Dolphin island, just click on it until its all lit up, what kind of puzzle is that?
Before you start thinking that I hate TTG, I do not. I have a lot fun with most of the game. Its that some of the puzzles seem very boring.

Dieing Breed
05-01-2011, 05:43 AM
I must disagree. The dolphin puzzle is actually quite simple to solve, the middle is connected to the north, south, east and west pieces. The remaining NE, NW, SE, SW pieces are connected to the adjacent pieces but not the middle one. The N, S, E, W pieces are connected to the middle piece and adjacent pieces. Here's the finishing move: you need to have one of the N/S/E/W pieces blank, the pieces adjacent to this piece blank, and the middle piece blank. All other pieces on the board must be filled in. Then you simply click on the N/S/E/W piece you left blank and it will complete the puzzle. Given what you know about the relationships with the pieces, it should be relatively easy to get to this final move.

As for the dragon puzzle that too is also simply a case of visualisation and logic. I agree maybe some kind of mini picture as to how the puzzle should look completed may have helped but again it only took me about 5 minutes to complete mostly due to the fact my laptop is old so the game runs a little slow on it. There's always a trick to these puzzles, when you do enough of them you get to know it. You need to reorder the pieces in a way that when rotated they fit into place, and often you need to temporarily mess up the parts you're already done. So long as you keep the parts you've done and need to mess up in the same loop, it should not take very long at all. I think the main issue people have with puzzles like these is that they think that the piece needs to be placed in the be all and end all of places and once there it can't be moved - if you go into sliding puzzles with this mentality of course you will spend hours doing them because that is the wrong kind of mindset for solving them.

Therefore, these puzzles are logic and problem-solving puzzles, and you need to think about them. Blindly tapping away at them will get you there eventually, but in the end if you know the relationships between the pieces and how these puzzles work it will go a long way into reducing the time needed to solve these.