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03-09-2009, 08:56 AM
What are the "bear traps" which show on all the islands, or at least on most of them, and don't seemt to do anything? Are they useful for anything?

03-09-2009, 10:17 AM
Your hunters plant them. They do heavy damage when enemies walk on them.

03-11-2009, 05:56 AM
Thanks! :o)

As for the "fun games made simple", I have asked my son, who is a contract computer engineer, to help at times. Whenever he sees that slogan, he laughs, as simple the game is NOT! Have now tried the last "inside the comet" and have given up. I have really enjoyed playing the rest of the game (with the help of cheats..) and would love to do it again from the beginning, but can't keep spending that much to buy it again. Pity. :o(

03-11-2009, 08:30 AM
You don't have to buy it again if you bought it once.
And believe me, this game IS simple if you compare it to traditional real-time strategies as WarCraft or Age of Empires :o

03-11-2009, 08:59 AM
Now that is wonderful. But how is it done, to get back to the beginning? I'm sorry, am in my 70's and not that knowledgable... ;)

And as for simple, I know nothing about all those other games, so far I have played word games like Bookworm Adventures.

Am most impressed with Totem Tribe though. And that you answer the queries!!!

03-11-2009, 05:25 PM
In order to start new game - create new profile. To do so, click at the top of main menu screen where it says "(If this is not you, click here)"

03-11-2009, 07:55 PM
Oh dear. Of course. How silly of me. THANKS! And now I actually am playing it from the beginning, which somehow I missed last time. Just great. :o) :o)