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08-17-2010, 08:02 AM

It was wholesale slaughter of scouts! I know they are only cartoon characters so why should I care, but isn't the whole theme of this game about removing the evil from the world? How can that theme apply to this game? Still, despite all the wholesale slaughter in the game, I still really enjoy playing it because it at least is not filled with blood and gore. Just a whole lot of characters on suicide missions.

There is a thread with a spoiler that tells you exactly where to find your white sharks, and also a very good way to go about getting the most difficult ones, but it is still wholesale slaughter! I would like to add some suggestions to this other person's process that I think will help save a few scouts.

If you have the ability to build 2-3 scout lodges on an island do so BEFORE you go after the white shark. On islands where you only have 1 scout lodge you'll have to get by with just 2 scouts which makes it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to avoid the slaughter.

Figure out the best piece of land where your scouts can get close to the white shark without it coming after them. Put your flag away from where the white shark will swim in to get any stupid scout who can't wait to take a dip until all the scouts have arrived. This will be your staging point.

ALWAYS put at least 2 scouts in the water at the same time. If you don't stage them together first they are real free spirits and don't "team" well so you'll have to show them how. Now move your flag out from your land a short distance where they can swim free and the white shark can come into them. Let them swim around the flag, and hope they don't get hidden behind it. When the white gets close enough they will head out to get it.

Now this next part is crucial:

Be ready to concentrate on 1 scout and as soon as he gets off a shot yank him out of the water!
[INDENT][INDENT]If you can manage to coordinate moving fast enough to save more than 1 scout MORE POWER TO YOU! Still, the most important thing to do is KEEP 1 SCOUT ALIVE!

The slower you are at getting off shots by yanking your scout in and out of the water, the longer it is going to take to kill the shark because he heals fast. Nasty little catch. Too bad your scouts can't swim back to the island and heal themselves too!

You will have the most success at getting your white if you can get off 2 or more shots at the shark close together. It really takes his health down fast, but that is not always easy. If you have only 2 scounts and one gets eaten, then you are playing a waiting game for the other scout to regen and get back to you. The whole time you are waiting you need to be keeping that 1 scout alive and getting off an occasional shot to keep the game in motion. If he doesn't get off shots then the shark heals completely and it is like the scout got eaten and you had to start over. You may not be able to get off enough shots to kill the shark until another scout is back in the water and shooting too. PATIENCE!

To make this a bit more palatable, there are only 3 of the islands that are this bad. I have coordination problems from neuropathy so my speed and accuracy are horrible. It took me probably close 2 hours to kill the sharks on these 3 difficult islands. At least one island is pretty much a freeby if you pay attention, and on the others you can use multiple scouts.

I hope this helps somebody with their frustration!


08-17-2010, 07:37 PM
If you feel bad about your scouts dying trying to kill sharks, build Temple and charge some offensive spells. This will allow you to kill off sharks even without scouts.

08-17-2010, 07:59 PM
Only if you have workers to build anything! Blueberry no, Lonely no Shark no:D

08-18-2010, 02:06 PM
I have 4 shark teeth now and only lost TWO scouts, and that was due to my not paying attention at the time. I use a trick so the sharks do not get my scouts. Here it is: I place the Scout Flag halfway between the point where the shark is and the shore, where my scouts are. The scouts jump in the water and start swimming towards the flag. The shark only takes notice of the scouts when they are a certain distance from the shore and then charges the scouts. I immediately pull the closest scout to the shark out of the water and place him back on land. When I do this, one of two things happens: Either the shark turns around, which gives the second scout a chance to harpoon it, or the shark turns to charge the second scout. If that happens, I then pull the second scout out of the water and the shark does turn around this time. Also, if I have hunters and archers, I just place the Attack Flag on the shore, at the same place the scouts jumped out of the water. Sometimes the shark gets close enough so the archers and hunters can hit it. This comes especially handy on Lonely Iceberg, because there are too many sharks and the scouts take less time to get rid of them because they have extra help from the warriors on land.

08-19-2010, 04:56 AM
What you can also do is, when the shark is moving away, put a scout in the water again. That makes the shark turn back and you move the scout back to shore after he got his shot.
Just keep moving the scouts in and out of the water, it goes very well and quickly this way.
I do the same when fighting. I pull the one with little health away from the fighting and put him near a witch, he gets healed and lives to fight another day!:)

08-21-2010, 05:34 AM
I was having such a difficult time trying to defeat the white sharks, so you can imagine how surprised I was when my 6-year-old great grandson came over and I asked him to help, and he immediately showed me how to yank them out of the water until they killed the shark!LOL:)

08-22-2010, 01:17 PM
I'm too old for this new world and two, I don't have any grandchildren, and therefore, no great grandchildren to save me. I just need to get better at this game thing and don't have morals about cartoon characters.

08-23-2010, 08:25 PM
I would drag my scouts out of the water right before the shark ate them. Then they don't die, and they can keep fighting. I don't really feel bad for them if they do die, though. I try not to get attached to such fragile people.