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Game Publishing

We've been developing and distributing our own casual downloadable and online games since 2003. We've accumulated experience in game production and distribution and in 2007 we started to offer publishing services to third parties. Taking in account our experience in games for male players like very popular Clash'N Slash series we are the first publisher to focus on casual downloadable and online games targeted to male audience.

We are constantly looking for new promising and creative developers to work with. In the market saturated with games for female audience like match-3 and hidden object games we are most interested in original and innovative titles. While we might be interested in games of any genre our priority are Action, Shooter, Arcade, and Strategy games.

We are very flexible and can cooperate on different terms considering developer needs and strengths.

We urge you to contact us. While we are most interested in functional demo version implementing key features of the games we can review games on early stages when only design document and technical demo available.

Please use our contact form to submit your game publishing request.

Why Work with Enkord?

  • Enkord is a game developer in the first place thus understands all your game development needs perfectly.
  • We have established relationships with all key distributors and portals like RealArcade, Big Fish Games, MiniClip, and others.
  • Enkord has solid game design and production experience and will offer you production assistance to design and polish your game to make it great and up to current market standards.
  • We can help you with creation of additional art, music, and sound assets.
  • Enkord will do all marketing and pre-release work including creation of banners and promotional materials, descriptions, press-releases, submission to download sites, beta-testing, etc.
  • Enkord focuses both on downloadable and online games so if your game is download-only we will create online counterpart in Flash.
  • We will do localization of your game to cover national markets.

Don't hesitate to contact us now!
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