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Enkord DEDICATED Affiliate Program

Earn Money with Us

Enkord DEDICATED Affiliate Program is a program that geared towards websites and portals that feature online games playable in web browser to generate advertising revenues from page views. Our program enhances this by offering games that have more feature rich and complex downloadable versions which can be played freely for 30-60 minutes and then require one-time payment (usually $19.95) to register the game. With our program you keep earning money from advertising like you did before but also receive 40% of gross income of every downloadable copy sold through your website.


Why dedicated? Because our affiliate program is dedicated to maximizing your revenues from web games providing transparent and reliable solution with best rates.    Sign Up Now! >


We are convienced that you must keep your visitors so we are not going to steal them from your site. Our system was built that way so your visitors won't even notice they left your website. There is no excessive linking to our website in affiliate games. Links are restricted only to trial downloads and purchase process.    Sign Up Now! >


Tired of affiliate programs which use unreliable methods to track customers like cookies which result in high percentage of lost customers? We are making our new technology extremely reliable for keeping track of the customer. It's not cookie based. When user downloads a game trial through your link a custom setup file is generated which includes your affiliate code and that code will be there forever so when user actually decides to buy the game you'll get your comission. Even if he shares this setup file with his friends or anyone else and someone else tries to play and decides to buy a game you will get comission as well! Forget about unreliable cookie-based affiliate programs where you will loose a customer if he has his cookies disabled or wiped out.    Sign Up Now! >


We pay a healthy 40% of GROSS Sales! straight up with no BS charges! That's from the gross sale price, unlike other affiliate programs that charge you hidden fees such as bandwith and e-commerce charges. In fact we are giving away more than half of our revenues to affiliates because we believe being affiliate is a hard work and you deserve honest reward!    Sign Up Now! >

Enkord DEDICATED Affiliate Program:

  • Transparent Solution invisible to End Users
  • No Drawbacks - you continue to earn your Ad Revenue like you did before
  • Healthy Comissions - 40% of GROSS Sales
  • Reliable System - no cookies or lost customers
  • Payment processed and collected through oneNetwork affiliate program by Digital River Inc. - global leader in eCommerce solutions
  • Can be used as downloadable-only affiliate program as well

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Do you have any doubts or questions unanswered?


Please don't hesitate to contact us and ask any specific question regarding our affiliate program directly. We will find a way to cater your needs in a most effective way.

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